Starting from scratch

Over a period of 8 months between July 2018 and February 2019, I had 3 major life changing experiences that caused a substantial change and readjustment in the way I was living my life. Relocated to a new city, married my charming and graceful wife Malavika and moved to a new apartment far far away from my work place. The apartment was not in great shape cosmetically, there were no furniture, and was unoccupied for almost a year before we moved in. What we liked about the house was it was very radiant, had one of the best views we could afford in Mumbai, and relatively calmer compared to the hustle and bustle of Mumbai. It was ideal for two newly married people who were starting off a life in a new city.

Was it perfect? Well, nothing is perfect and can never be. You can excel while chasing perfection, but perfection can never be attained. There will always be some room for improvement. My wife and I are content that we are at a place with our home where the vast majority of improvements are complete and are proud of how much we accomplished on our own. My wife, who also happens to be a lifestyle and DIY enthusiast, is the brain behind the transformation and I the brawn.

Between the time we got married in Mysore in January and moved to Mumbai in February, we got the bed and wardrobes made as we needed something to sleep on and somewhere to hoard our clothes. The first thing that caught our attention which needed to be changed was the color of the walls. It was pale yellow and the paint was falling off from a lot of places. Both of us had zero doubts in our heads that we wanted the house to be radiant, and natural light to be in the house as long as possible. White was the perfect choice. Over two weekends, after innumerable back and forth between who is going to scrub and who is going to paint, and a few great memories made, we got the paint job done.

The next order of things was to get furniture made for the living room. Mumbai is a very interesting city. It is a city where life is made and broken in a day again to be remade the next, a city with boundless opportunities for everyone. You will find a market for everything, however big or small it may be. We wanted a piece of this Mumbai in our house. Every piece of furniture that we purchased comes from different parts in Mumbai. We scourged through local markets in and around Mumbai. The black sofas and the bar chamber came from a market in Malad, the cream sofa came from a market in Mira Bhayandar, carpet came from a market in South Mumbai, the DIY table from IKEA-Navi Mumbai, and the cane chairs from a street vendor.

Personally, I thought setting up a home means to have a bookshelf in every room (I still do). Maybe when we own a home, it will have a book shelf in every room but for now we decided to have one in the living room. It was meant not only for books but also for showpieces. This was very close to us and in future would have books and items that would reflect our personalities. We could not let anyone do this other than us. It took us a few days to decide the spot where we want it to be but once we had the spot fixed, it took us a day to make it. That is me measuring the dimensions to make sure it is perfect.

Setting up a home with the love of your life is a very rewarding journey. Doing things together makes you understand and appreciate each other more. I hope my wife also feels the same way. I am sure she does, otherwise, I would not be writing this as a successful achievement rather a failed experiment. Some people and things that I want to thank for inspiring my wife and I.

  • Asian paints – For your wonderful and durable white distemper
  • The hardware store owner – For being patient with my requests
  • The sandpaper – Without which the dirty pale yellow paint would not come off
  • The nails and bolts – Holding our DIY shelves together
  • The undying spirit of Mumbai – The entrepreneurship shown to open innumerable furniture shops
  • My wife – For believing in us and giving me the opportunity

If you think you want to do DIY at home and have some ideas, feel free to reach out to me. My wife and I might give you some do’s and don’ts which will make the journey even more enjoyable!!

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